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Castor & Pollux is a two-player puzzle/action platformer where both players are given a unique character — each with different controllers and play mechanics — and are asked to work together. Castor focuses on platforming with a controller while Pollux manages puzzles with a touch-screen. This creates situations that allow the players to positively cooperate and share their unique, character-specific experiences. The characters are loosely based on the Grecian Gemini myth and personify the game’s focus on dualism. Ultimately, this design is about being united by our differences and experiencing meaningful connections with others.


Castor & Pollux was developed as an asymmetric multiplayer game and concurrently utilized both a PC and an Android tablet.


Castor & Pollux was part of a small Web Documentary series (First Episode:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cziMtUygNDA) that was used to help launch the Dvelop.tv website.

- Maya 2013
- Photoshop
- Zbrush
- Unity 4.3
- Headus UVLayout 

There is no game attached to this page because, this is merely a page to show off a game I worked on. The game was completed to its 2nd beta stage but we didn't distribute a built version of the game because it's complicated to set up.

The creative director was Steve Zapata, all of this information was pulled from his portfolio.